Greenhouse and Nursery Irrigation Filters

greenhouse with overhead irrigation

Greenhouse and Nursery Irrigation Filters

Greenhouses allow certain crops to be grown throughout the year, making their role ever more important in contributing to the food supply (especially in marginal environments).

Gardens grown in outdoor nurseries, glass or plastic greenhouses, using hydroponic growing techniques including deep water culture, nutrient film technique, expandable drip system, ebb & flow, propagation and sprout garden all require clean water. Implementing a Forsta irrigation water filter provides an irreplaceable tool in deriving high-quality water for a variety of watering methods.

Forsta irrigation water filters commonly utilize water from ponds, wells, rivers, lakes, reservoirs or from such non-conventional sources as desalinated seawater or treated waste/drainage water.

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Preventing Clogs

All irrigation systems require proper maintenance. A major cause of failure for drip irrigation and other micro-irrigation systems is clogging. Emitters in drip irrigation systems are small, leaving little margin for error. Forsta irrigation filters minimize maintenance requirements for all irrigation equipment and proactively prevent clogging.

In applications where water pH is monitored, a final reverse osmosis (RO) process may be used. Forsta self-cleaning filters act as an ideal pre-filter for reverse osmosis. It is advised to pre-filter feed water before it reaches the RO membrane. Forsta irrigation water filtration systems efficiently remove particulate matter that could potentially obstruct flow through such finer filter elements.

For greenhouse and nursery applications, irrigation filters are best situated in close proximity to the main pump.

Irrigation filters in greenhouses and nurseries generally range from 75-200μ.

Typical Applications:

  • Well Water Filtration
  • Surface Water Filtration
  • Ditch Water Filtration




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