Forsta Working with City of Long Beach Water Department for Alternatives to Cumbersome Equipment

Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Forsta’s presentation to the City of Long Beach water Department was held at the Groundwater Treatment Plant where ~35 attendees included operators, engineers and additional site personnel. One of the main subjects covered in the presentation was; improving on the problematic service requirements associated with their old equipment. In the city’s Advanced Water Treatment Plant, 500 micron pre-filtration is required to protect the Ultrafiltration membrane modules.

The problem, as the operations staff explained during a tour of the facility, is that the older pre-filters currently in service have an elaborate bolt pattern and heavy lid that require special tools and a crane to open up, making routine maintenance costly and impractical. In previous troubleshooting instances, operators were instructed to remove the filters entirely and ship them back to the manufacturer for service, a highly impractical and costly suggestion.

The Forsta self-cleaning filters that the city is considering for replacement of the existing equipment, would eliminate the need to use a crane. Forsta self-cleaning filters can be opened, inspected and serviced with simple hand tools. Small wear parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes, as compared to the many hours and labor intensive process of opening up the existing equipment.

CA-based Forsta Filters has already made such improvements for the Encinas Wastewater Authority at the Carlsbad Water Treatment Facility, where Long Beach engineers and operators learned of the improvements that Forsta equipment could provide (Complete technical case study of the Carlsbad installation is forthcoming later in 2018).

Membrane pre-filtration is an ideal application for Forsta self-cleaning filters, and typically utilizes screen apertures ranging from 150-500 micron. Forsta engineers work with city engineers to size equipment to easily integrate with existing pipelines.  Forsta looks forward to continued work with California municipalities, providing time & cost-saving, reliable membrane pre-filtration solutions.


Forsta self-cleaning filters can be opened, inspected and serviced with simple hand tools.