Cooling Tower – Side Stream Filters

Cooling Tower – Side Stream Filters

The term side stream filter and sidestream filter are skid 90 single side stream filterwritten interchangeably to describe any filter being used to clean a portion of cooling tower water. With a side stream filter, a percentage of the water is filtered continuously. This technique works on the principle that constant particle removal will keep the system clean. Forsta often packages side stream filters on a skid, complete with pump and controls. For high flow systems, this method is particularly cost-effective.

Side Stream Filter Sizing

Properly sizing side stream filters for cooling towers is crucial to obtain optimal filter performance. It is typical to size the side stream filter to continuously filter the cooling tower basin water at a rate equivalent to 10% of the total circulation flow rate. For example, if the total flow of a system is 1,200 gal/min (a 400-ton system), a sidestream filter with a 120 gal/min capacity is specified.

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Side Stream Filter Screen Sizes

Forsta engineers assess the particulate concentration of cooling tower water and equip sidestream filters with screens appropriate to that level. A typical cooling tower side stream filter will have a screen ranging from 50-300 micron (variation based on water quality data – coarser or finer screens may be specified where appropriate.)

Skid Mounting Side Stream Filtration

OEMs providing customers with side stream filters for cooling towers can easily integrate a Forsta side stream filter into a broader package, with or without skid-mounting. Forsta’s full line of side stream filters are customizable in flange size, material of construction, screen opening, valve type and controller to suit the needs of each customer. At the outset, Forsta engineers will work closely with you to tailor components appropriately, making sure you have the right filter for the job. Need a full flow filter?

Customized Side Stream Filtration

Work with engineers at Forsta to start saving your company money on a side stream filter! Call us now at 310-837-7177 or fill out our quote form and we’ll be in touch with you right away to assist you in finding the best sidestream filter for your cooling tower!

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Cooling Tower Sidestream Filter Schematic

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