Ballast Water Filtration


Industrial Water Filters for Ballast Water & Other Shipboard Applications

Forsta shipboard & ballast water filtration systems effectively remove particles and seawater debris from ballast water and other shipboard water lines. The filtration system is fully automated and does not cause an interruption to flow during the short cleaning cycle. Forsta self-cleaning filters for ballast water will easily integrate into a complete ballast water management system (BWMS).

Since 2004 ships have been required to remove and dispose of sediments from areas designated to carry ballast water, in keeping with the ship’s ballast water management plan.

Forsta ballast water filtration removes large, hazardous organisms as well as sediment before water enters the main disinfection treatment. New US standards are expected to be more restrictive than previous IMO specifications, making adequate filtration essential.

40 micron filtration provides removal of particulates in concern. Ballast water filter housings are available in a full range of materials; Carbon-Steel (epoxy-coating), Stainless Steel 304L, 316L, Duplex and Super Duplex, and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Screens and all wetted components of Forsta’s ballast water self-cleaning filters are constructed from seawater- resistant plastic or other high alloy materials.

Forsta ballast water filters have a short, automatic cleaning cycle that does not interrupt ballasting operations. Forsta ballast filters have a small footprint, and can be installed vertically and horizontally.

Forsta’s Shipboard Filtration Applications

C3-90-100μ Norwegian Live Fish Carrier
C3-90-100μ Live Fish Carrier
2x C3-90-100μ Shipboard Filtration - Iceland
2x C3-90-100μ Shipboard Filtration

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*Forsta is actively pursuing partnerships with developers/manufacturers of complete ballast water management systems (BWMSs) for testing and evaluation in accordance with IMO and USCG ballast water discharge standards.