180-FRP Sea Water Filtration

180 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Series Filters – Sea Water Filtration

The 180 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Series filters offer an ideal solution for corrosion resistance in brackish, brine and seawater filtration applications. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a composite material or fiber-reinforced polymer made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass.¹ All wetted components of the FRP Series self-cleaning filters are constructed from seawater- resistant plastic or other high alloy materials.

Forsta’s FRP Series self-cleaning water filters are available with an on-line, or in-line flange configuration to accommodate simple installation, and easily integrate with any pipeline in a seawater filtration process.

A two-stage screening distinguishes the FRP Series filters. A coarse screen is responsible for straining out large debris from the water source, and the fine screen purifies water to the designated micron rating.

180 FRP series self-cleaning water filter


180-FRP Sea Water Filter Characteristics:

  • Flow Rate: 15 – 4,500 gpm
  • Flush cycle duration: 6 – 20 seconds
  • Flush valve size: single 1″ or a single 2″
  • Screen opening: 5µ – 4000µ
  • Temperature: 150ºF
  • Flush Volume: 15 – 110 gallons per backwash
  • Working pressure: 35 – 150 psi

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Filter ModelScreen Area
(sq ft)
Max Flow Rate
Connection Size
Data Sheet
A2-180-FRP32002 dwg pdf
A3-180-FRP33003 dwg pdf
A4-180-FRP35004 dwg pdf
A6-180-FRP36506 dwg pdf
B4-180-FRP55004 dwg pdf
B6-180-FRP510006 dwg pdf
B8-180-FRP514008 dwg pdf
C4-180-FRP75004 dwg pdf
C6-180-FRP710006 dwg pdf
C8-180-FRP717008 dwg pdf
C10-180-FRP7190010 dwg pdf
D4-180-FRP8.85004 dwg pdf
D6-180-FRP8.810006 dwg pdf
D8-180-FRP8.820008 dwg pdf
D10-180-FRP8.8200010 dwg pdf
E10-180-FRP12.25270010 dwg pdf
E12-180-FRP12.25310012 dwg pdf
F12-180-FRP15360012 dwg pdf
F14-180-FRP15360014 dwg pdf
F16-180-FRP15360016 dwg pdf
G12-180-FRP18400012 dwg pdf
G14-180-FRP18450014 dwg pdf
G16-180-FRP18450016 dwg pdf