Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filters

Efficient, reliable, and sustainable, Forsta Filter’s automatic self cleaning water filters are more cost-effective, produce less wastewater, and will not interrupt main system flow during the cleaning cycle.


Low-maintenance, high-efficiency and dependability define Forsta’s advantage in self-cleaning water filters.

Forsta Filters provide efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions to industrial, irrigation and municipal applications. A Forsta automatic self-cleaning water filter will save time, water, and money.

Forsta offers automatic self-cleaning filter systems in a wide range of sizes, orientations, and to varying degrees of filtration in order to accommodate any demand. Custom self cleaning filter design solutions are available for unique applications.

To learn more about our automatic self cleaning water filters, please visit our How it Works page.

Cooling Towers

Forsta cooling tower filters for HVAC and industrial applications provide a robust, automatic and reliable technology in both full-flow and sidestream configurations. Small amounts of dirt particles in cooling tower water drastically reduce the efficiency of a cooling system. Automatic filtration is the most effective and sustainable way of removing the harm caused by unwanted dirt.

UF Prefiltration

UF Prefiltration is one of many ultrafiltration membrane treatments being used in water treatment sequences across industries. Forsta automatic self cleaning filters for water protect UF membranes by reducing particle loading, with no interruption to system flow during the short cleaning cycle.


The skilled design and precision engineering of Forsta industrial water filters make compliance with the demands of the industrial sector simple. With various configurations compatible for use in any industrial water filtration system, Forsta’s automatic filter system easily fulfills specifications for a self cleaning filter design for cooling, intake, process, service and wastewater applications.


Forsta irrigation water filters reliably clean water from ponds, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and wells for use in agriculture, turf, golf course, landscape, greenhouse and nursery applications. Our irrigation filters and automatic irrigation design prevent costly maintenance and replacements and ensure continuous water flow through irrigation systems.


For a population to thrive, it must have an effective method to treat and distribute water. In modern treatment plants, pre-filtration is required as a first step before membrane treatment or disinfection can occur. Forsta’s automatic self cleaning water filters play a significant role in pre-treatment for both the preparation of drinking water, and the disposal/reuse of wastewater.

Why Choose Forsta?

When it comes to water filtration and self cleaning filter design, Forsta is first in its class. Our automatic water filtration systems are self cleaning, low-maintenance and ensure continuous operation to your water system throughout each cleaning cycle. Forsta’s design and applications engineers work closely with you in the filter selection process clear through to the installation and startup of your filter.